Sunday 28 February 2016

Manathakkali keerai

Manathakkali keeraiis also called as Black nightshade or wonder cherry or sun berry.It cures ache, eczema and psoriasis, solanum nigrum, annoyance and excitement and the fruit of the plant acts as a excellent appetizers. Small berries of this leaf acts as good medicine for asthma and fever.

People who are suffer from urine problem, take the juice of this leaves in a regular basis will get rid of this problem soon. This juice will make a person fresh and gives energy to them.

Manathakkali keerai leaves acts as a treatment for digestive disorders, dysentery, stomach ailments like colitis, peptic ulcers and flatulence.

In Different Languages
English – Black Night shade
Tamil –Manathakkali Keerai
Hindi –Makoi
Botanical Name – Solanum nigrum

Nutritional Values

Fat                                            1.0 g                     
Calories                                      68          
Water content                          82.1 g                                   
Protein                                      5.9 g                      
Sugar                                          8.9 g                      
Calcium                                     410 mg                 
Iron                                           20.5 Mg
Vitamin C                                    11 mg

Saturday 27 February 2016

Agathi keerai and its health benefits

The scientific name of Agathi keerai is sesbania grandiflora. In English,  spinach is  also called as august tree leaves or humming bird tree leaves. Agathi leaves cures night blindness and having so much of health benefits are as fiollows.

Different Types of Agathi leaves. 

  1. One variety has white flower 
  2. Other one has red flower(also called as red august tree leaves). 

The taste of agathi leaves is bitter, but it has bunch of healthy values. The edible parts of  Leaves, stem, root and flower of august tree leaves are used for medicinal purposes and acts as a good health medicines in siddha and ayurveda. 

Note: Take agathi leaves two to thrice times per month.


Fiber                                  1.9 %
Fat                                     1.3 %                    
Calories                             90          
Water content                    74.5 %                  
Protein                               7.5 %                    
Calcium                             120 Mg                                                
Iron                                    3.5 Mg
Vitamin C                          165 Mg
Minerals                            3.4 %


Agathi leaves has more calcium, it will prevent weak bones for old age people and arthritis. This leaves will improves the nerves of eyes. 
While cooking agathi leaves, add some garlic in your dish. Garlic is having lots of medicinal values, will prevent you from gastric problems. People who are drinking coffee regularly will leads to constipation, 
burning in palms, heart and foot, body heat. Agathi leaves wil prevent you from these types of common diseases. It will prevent you from indigestion. The mother of new born baby can also take agathi leaves weekly for healthy breast feeding.

It also cures head pain by applying agathi leaf juice in their forehead will get relief in few minutes. Agathi leaves cures night blindness.

Each good thing has some bad thing, likewise agathi leaves include the chances of damaging the cells in the blood that leads to blood contamination or bad blood.
We should not take agathi leaves daily.

The person who are in medicinal treatment, he/she should avoid taking agathi leaves, it will reduce the medicinal power. A persong eating agathi leaves daily will leads to Stomach pain, diarrhea and some skin problems.