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Manathakkali keerai

Black nightshade is a tiny plant that grows about one meter height and its fruits are called as wonder cherry or sun berry.  It spreads around the area and it is widely used in many parts of the world for various medicinal purposes.  The stem and branches of the greens are very soft and evenly spreading all over the place.  The features of the plant either oval shaped or egg shaped with white, cream and violet flowers.  The fruit or cherry of the plant are black and it turns blue or black when ripen. 
English – Black Night shade
Tamil –Manathakkali Keerai
Hindi –Makoi
Botanical Name – Solanum nigrum
The minerals present in black nightshade are niacin, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Vitamin C is the only mineral that is present in high quantity.  The energy value is 68 and it has 82.1% moisture.
Fat                                            1.0 g                      
Calories                                      68          
Water content                          82.1 g                                   
Protein                                      5.9 g                      
Mineral Salts                               2.1 g                                                                                      
Sugar                                          8.9 g                      
Calcium                                     410 mg                 
Phosphorus                                 70 mg   
Iron                                           20.5 Mg
Vitamin C                                    11 mg
Niacin                                        0.9 Mg

Riboflavin                                  0.59 Mg
It acts as a healing component and one of the most important ingredient in Indian medicine.  The ache, annoyance and excitement are balanced with the help of these leaves.  The fruit of the plant are excellent appetizers. 

It reduces the body heat and prevent diseases that are caused by over heat.  Manathakkali keerai acts as a medicine to treat dropsy.

For acne, eczema and psoriasis, solanum nigrum is the best medicine prescribed by grannies.  The small berries of the herb is used as a good cure for asthma and fever. 

People who are suffering from urine problems are recommended to take this variety at least once a week to get rid of this problem. The juice of the leaves with stem is used to relieve the problem if it has been taken at regular basis. 

It revitalizes the functions of the body parts and energizes the person to work all the time without tiredness. 
The leaves of the black night shade is used for treating digestive disorders, stomach problems like colitis, peptic ulcers and flatulence.  Makoi acts as a effective remedy for dysentery and stomach ailments.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Health Benefits Of Murungai Keerai

Drumstick is good for health and its botanical name is “Moringa oleifera”.  English common names include: moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, or benzoil tree. If you have a drumstick plant on your garden that symbolizes, you have a doctor at home; it is the best medicine for most of the common diseases and it is the most suggested spinach variety for all the age groups.  From the bottom to the end of the plant, every part such as the root, stem, branches, flowers, gum on the surface of the branches, vegetable and leaves are the raw materials for many medicines.

Drumstick - Health Benefits
  • Drumstick increases appetite 
  • It heals the wounds inside the stomach. 
  • Helps to reduce headache and blood diarrhea. 
  • It purifies blood and excretes  toxins out of the body. 
  • It should be taken twice a week to maintain better health. 
  • The quantity of nutrients in drumstick are:
                            Iron 1.5 mg 
                            phosphorus 30 mg
                            protein 7g
                            fat 1g
                            calcium 8mg
                            Vitamin A, C 

Drumsticks Soup – Health Benefits

Drumstick soup builds immunity power against joint pain, mouth ulcer, stomach ulcer, fever, and eye diseases.

The soup of drumstick leaves prevents asthma. 

Nutritional values

Calcium                                  435 Mg
Phosphorus                              70 Mg
Iron                                          7 Mg
Water content                            76%
Protein                                       6.7%
Fat                                              1.6 %
Minerals                                    2.2%     
Vitamin C                                  220 Mg
B Complex                                     less
Fiber                                             1%

Drumstick Leaves

  • Drumstick leaves will reduce the sugar level in the blood. 
  • Sugar patients are suggested to take drumstick leaves with alu at least thrice a week to make the level of sugar normal in the blood. 
  • When a person intake drumstick leaves in their food; side effects caused by tablets are efficiently prevented . 
  • The swelling in hand and legs, Constipation are prevented. 
  • Hair loss, grey hair, tiredness, eye related diseases are the symptoms of body heat.  It will be controlled and helps you to get strong and healthy hair, if drumstick leaves are added in your daily life.   
  • The juice of drumstick leaves reduces body heat.
  • Add ghee while frying the drumstick leaves and eat it without adding spices; helps in blood circulation and improves the level of the pure blood in the body. 
  • Drumstick leaves dishes are the best medicine for mother’s milk secretion and good food for pregnant women. 
  • It gives major prevention and strengthens body for good baby growth. 
  • To get rid of pimples, mix drumstick leaves juice with lemon juice and apply it on the face for few minutes and then wash it off.  
Drumstick roots and seed
  • The roots of the drumstick are used to cure fever, nervous weakness by grinding the roots of drumstick plant without water, take one amla size of the grinded part and mixing it with milk gives the suggested results. 
  • The branches of the drumstick leaves are squeezed and mixed with pepper soup to get relief from body pain.  The juice of the drumstick roots mixed with milk is helpful in preventing back ache.
  • Drumstick seeds strengthen the brain functions.
Drumstick flower
  • It helps to maintain the health of heart. 
  • The flowers should be boiled and added in the diet to gives strength to the heart and its proper functions.
  • Three in one recipe for new born mothers who delivered their babies either by normal delivery or cesarean.  This recipe increase milk secretion heals wounds caused during delivery and promotes body immunity and boost strength.

Drumstick Leaves Purposes -  Ayurveda
Moringa oleifera acts as a anti spasmodic, expectorant and stimulant.

Hand full of Drumstick leaves, twenty grams of barley, little amount of cumin seeds and small pinch of turmeric are boiled and throw the extracts. Drink the juice for kidney and urine related problems.
Grinding the drumstick leaves and applies it on the scalp will reduce the dandruff, body heat and hair loss problems.diseases.

If you take 10 pepper with some muringai keerai for 15 days in a regular basis, then  anemia will get reduced.
Eating drumstick leaves will get relief from mensis problems.

It helpful for eye problems and eye related diseases.
Dip the broken nutmeg in morning oleifera juice and grind it after the dried process. Take two grams of powder during the night to prevent libido problems and acts as a medicine to cure the disease.

Boil drumstick leaves with salt and eat it for 15 days to get rid of arthritis problems.

Many of them have experience the uncomfortability of gastric problems and searching the ayurvedic medicine.  Drink the juice that has this variety of spinach, few pieces of garlic, pinch of both turmeric and salt.
Lungs and respiratory related diseases are healed when licorice, pepper which are soaked in juice of this leaves. Grind the dried mixture and take small amount of this powder with honey.

Individual care
Persons who are suffering from excess body heat, gas problems and are advised not to take drumstick at regular intervals. 

Agathi keerai and its health benefits

Agathi keerai in Tamil, scientific name is sesbania grandiflora and in English the spinach variety is called as august tree leaves or humming bird tree leaves. There are two varieties of agathi leaves. One variety has white flower and the other one has red flower called as red august tree leaves. The common variety is white flower august tree leaves. Taste of agathi leaves is bitter but has bunch of healthy values. The edible parts in this variety are flower and leaves of the tree. Leaves, stem, root and flower of august tree leaves are used for medicinal purposes. The agathi leaves can be consumed in the form of juice, cooked spinach or medicine. The thin stem is used as a ingredient for good health medicines in siddha and ayurveda. It is advisable to take agathi leaves two to three times in a month.

Fiber                                  1.9 %
Fat                                     1.3 %                    
Calories                             90          
Water content                    74.5 %                  
Protein                               7.5 %                    
Calcium                             120 Mg                                                
Phosphorus                        80 Mg   
Iron                                    3.5 Mg
Vitamin C                          165 Mg
B complex                          less

Minerals                            3.4 %


Strong bones are the main contribution of agathi leaves. The vitamins and rich calcium, iron content in this variety of spinach supplies more strength to bones. By taking some amount of agathi leaves daily prevent weak bones in older ages and arthritis. Agathi leaves strengthen the nerves of eyes.
 Do you know why garlic is added while cooking agathi leaves? garlic has a medicinal property of avoiding gastric trouble while taking agathi leaves. Huge health benefits of agathi leaves can be consumed with little precautions to avoid complications.

Contispation, Complication caused by drinking more cups of coffee and tea, feeling of burning in palms, heart and foot, body heat are controlled by taking agathi leaves at frequent intervals. These are the common diseases that attacks more people more often in day to day life.

Agathi leaves are boiled fully and added to the mother of new born baby for healthy breast feeding. It has a power of throwing out the stomach worms and leaves your stomach happy for a long time. The high content of vitamin A and calcium is the reason behind this health benefit.

The juice of agathi leaves reduces headache by applying agathi leaves juice on the forehead for few minutes and then take steam to get quick relief.

The burning sensation of body, eyes, stomach, legs and feet are drastically reduced by adding agathi leaves in your diet. For indigestion and other digestion related problems humming bird tree leaves are highly recommended by doctors.

The noticeable properties of agathi leaves are antidote, laxative, vermifuge and refrigerant. It reduces the unwanted bile in the body. It has a power of taking out the poisonous properties present in the food. Improves digestion and large intake of these leaves results in gastric trouble.

Add five broken Chebulic Myrobalan (kadukkai) in the juice of these spinal and pour it in a big vessel. Apply the juice on the area where a person is suffering from any kind of piles related diseases for half an hour. This works great and it cures piles, blood piles and kills germs that causes this disease.

The wounds that are present on the skin for a long time can be healed with the help of this leaves extracts. Apply this extracts on the marks of the skin and after few days you will search for the marks.

Just scratch the seashangu in the juice of these leaves and just place it on the skin tag for fast abdomen permanent cure.

Premature greying and excess body heat are reduced if the leaves are crushed and filter the leaves. Apply it on the centre of The head and leave it for few minutes. Take head bath to experience the coming effect of the body.

Pour few drops of crushed leaves water inside the nose for frequent fever.

In a mixer, grind coconut, hummingbird tree leaves in equal quantities and grind it. The skin related diseases like ringworm, itching, rashes etc will be vanished as soon as the juice is poured on the affected skin.

To reduce the excess amount of bile in the body, take few pinches of table salt with the scathing leaves juice and drink it. It pushes out the bile water via vomiting.

Cracked foot is a common problem for most of the women who are doing household works. Best remedy for this infection is take this spinach, turmeric and henna in equal quantities and grind it. Apply the thick paste on the cracked foot.

For glowing skin and chill eyes feel try the following remedy. Agathi keerai,soaked fenugreek and grind it. Flattern the grinded dough and fry it in gingerly oil. Preserve the oil to mmassage on your body. It increases the cooling effect in the eyes and makes your skin shiny like gold.

Take 200 ml of august tree leaves, 50 g of licorice and milk in a large vessel. With this mixture add gingerly oil 250 ml and stir it till it gets syrup consistency in a hot pan. Drink one tsp of this syrup in the morning to get rid of mouth ulcer, stomach ulcer, throat ulcer etc.

It has a unique power of healing wounds, sprains, itches and bruises faster with the help of anti bacterial properties. The root of the agathi leaves is used as a medicine to cure malaria.

Humming bird tree leaves provides all the nutrition that makes strong body, healthy blood, good functions of all the body parts. It is strictly recommended to be taken occasionally. It is prescribed in siddha medicine as a good spinach variety that reduce the fever as well as it has a unique power of reducing the effect of poison and medicine.

To cure night blindness, the extract of humming bird tree leaves is used as a medicine.

Add small onions with humming bird tree leaves for good functions of intestine Store the water used for boiling the agathi leaves and use it for soup. It has all the vitamin and mineral content of the agathi leaves.


Each and every good one has a small amount of bad things in it. Likewise, agathi leaves has some minus points. It should be noted while a person is under any treatment. The precautions are

 The evil effects of agathi leaves include the chances of damaging the cells in the blood that leads to blood contamination or bad blood, if agathi leaves are taken daily or in large quantities.

If a person is under any treatment, he should avoid humming bird tree leaves to get the full medicinal power else the power of medicine will be reduced.

Stomach pain and diarrhea can be caused by taking agathi leaves. The causes of less amount of blood in the body leads to skin problems and blood related diseases.